What we do

Global Puppeteering Services offers performance and technical support for projects involving any form of puppetry.

 We operate in all forms of visual media and can provide specialist performers or technicians for movies, commercials and television projects as well as individual corporate presentations or live events.

We can put together a team of experienced professionals to service your shoot, wherever that may be. 
We can organise and coordinate all aspects of the team as necessary, from travel and accommodation through to UK payroll if required.

We offer peace of mind and flexibility to producers and workshops alike with talent drawn from a pool of highly skilled and experienced British filmmakers.  Our team members have an extensive track record both in the UK and abroad, having worked in studios and on locations all over the world.

We can cover all aspects of puppetry - whether it is high-end animatronics (including dialogue programming), rod and cable work, marionettes or glove puppets - and can take full responsibility for rigging, rehearsing and performing lead characters.  We are also very happy to provide performers who can assist in a supporting role (particularly on more complex puppets).

We endeavour to service individual jobs according to their specific needs.  We have extensive experience in both programming and performing dialogue, using various controls such as the Waldo, Quad box and PAC interface as developed by Academy Award Winner Neal Scanlan.  We have also used a number of different software packages over the years and can adapt to whatever is required, whether it be a bespoke system or an existing programme such as Overdrive.

When filming puppets, a large proportion of effort goes into solving the practical issues before the questions of character and plot can be addressed.  We believe that even the hardest of shoots can be fun and with our enthusiastic attitude, we relish any challenge!

We have recently been working as project managers for The Rainforest Café in London, undertaking an ongoing programme of cosmetic, structural and mechanical repairs to some of their existing animatronic creatures.

We have also acted as consultants on the in house show control system and have been developing a number of new designs for possible future expansion.

If you operate a venue containing live animatronic characters and wish to improve upon your existing displays, or if you are experiencing problems - we can help.

GPS also works alongside corporate clients, adding a new dimension to training and PR projects.

We can offer the services of our exclusive and unique guest speaker (His Rubbery Highness Prince Charles)
who can add impact to any presentation.

If desired, we can also lead a fun day of team building and motivational work built around our own collection of puppets.

Tell us your requirements and we will work within your specifications.

Whether you’re having a company awards ceremony, need to rally the troops or simply want to get your message across, our puppet Prince Charles and other numerous characters can provide an entertaining and memorable occasion.

His Rubbery Highness is also available for private functions.